Friday, September 05, 2008

When You're A Maverick, Everything's Mavericky!

The best thing about being a maverick is that everything you do is 100% mavericky. Take, for example, your choice of Vice President. Choose a male Orthodox Jew, pro-choice, supportive of gay civil unions, concerned about global warming, against drilling in ANWR, pro-gun control, tons of Washington experience... Not acceptable to your party? Then choose a female evangelical Christian pro-life extremist, opposed to civil unions and domestic partner benefits, unconcerned about global warming, in favor of drilling everywhere, anti-gun control, no Washington experience and no discernible interest in national or international affairs.... And you're still a maverick. The fact that you can flip-flop like that only goes to prove how exceptionally mavericky you are.

It's good to be a maverick.

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  1. See, if he'd picked Lieberman, I would have even paused to consider. Still wouldn't have voted, but I would have stopped for a sec. I'm not an Orthodox Jew (barely Reform :)), but I'd appreciate the nod.

    Interestingly, the fact that he nominated a female did nothing for me. I guess it's because of WHO she is, not WHAT she is.


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