Monday, September 01, 2008

If It Were Anybody Else....

If this were written by anybody else, I would wonder if the author was "that stupid", or if he was assuming that his audience is "that stupid". But it's Gerson, so I don't need to wonder.
The left's main response to Palin's unconventional background has been to sneer - but a sneer is not an argument.
Yeah, Michael. Sneer at the left, and simultaneously announce that "a sneer is not an argument." Way to make your case.
Though the evangelical/hunter/beauty-contest contestant is unlikely to appeal to the hardest core of Hillary's feminist supporters, she is likely to appeal broadly to most women, who will be undisturbed that she doesn't fit feminist stereotypes.
Um... sexist, much?

What's with the right-wing males who believe that women will giddily vote for anybody of the same gender, regardless of their position on the issues or qualification for office? Was it the through-the-roof victory of the Mondale/Ferraro ticket?

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