Friday, September 12, 2008

Did They Overplay Their Hand?

This is about as blunt an article as I've seen from a mainstream source, directly contrasting the claims of Palin and McCain with the facts. Something could have been added to this, though:
In Alaska, meanwhile, the investigator looking into whether Palin abused her power as governor in trying to fire her former brother-in-law asked state lawmakers for the power to subpoena Palin's husband, Todd, a dozen others and the phone records of a top aide. The state House and Senate judiciary committees were expected to grant the request.

Palin told ABC she welcomed the investigation. "There's nothing to hide in this," she said.
Nothing to hide, yet still she's hiding stuff....


  1. I feel like someone who writes as much as you should get more comments on their blog. There are political blogs that don't devote nearly as much time to writing down cogent, detailed articles each day and yet they get fifty comments on every post that they do have.

    It appears to me that you're basically a Democrat, hence we probably won't agree on much, and maybe I won't have much to say, since I've found that in general people with blogs don't want the same person responding to their posts every day especially if it's someone with the opposite view.

    Also, I guess I should say that the reason I found this blog is because I searched up "stopped clock" and "blogger" to see if there was anyone else using my name. If you want me to change, I'll change my name. I don't have a blog, I just use this as a username. I can be found mostly on .

  2. You can use my name if you want. ;-)

    I'm basically thoughtful and intelligent. If you are as well (sorry - couldn't resist, but the presupposition of disagreement is one of my pet peeves), we may agree on more than you think. See, e.g., the occasional comments by CWD, in comparison to whom you would probably come across as a wild-eyed hippie.

  3. Thanks. I will keep on using this name elsewhere, but when I comment here I'll use something else so that people don't confuse me with you.

  4. Heh. I'm definitely a Democrat (elected to office on the Democratic ticket), but I like Steve Sailer's blog for selfish reasons: he highlighted something I wrote in my early blogging days.


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