Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Only Thing That Could Have Made It Better....

A speech by Spiro Agnew?

The New York Times dragged William Safire out of his rocking chair to give us... well, the same thing he's been giving us since the days when he penned those Agnew speeches. In Safire's analysis of the conventions, you'll be shocked to know, Lieberman was stellar and Emperor Obama had no clothes... as it turns out, because McCain stole them.
About the only member of the punditariat who agreed that this season’s emperor of oratory was short on clothes that night was David Broder of The Washington Post, who had the unfair advantage of being objective.
(You're not objective, after all, unless you agree with Safire.)
[I]n choosing an exciting new running mate even as Obama was splashing about in the news media adulation of his smoothly delivered acceptance extravaganza, McCain stiffly stole the clothes of change.
What, you thought I was making that part up? ;-)

What's this about?
Then the St. Paul convention was hit by Hurricane Sarah and her admirable family.
I must have missed something. Either that, or it's admirable for family members to simply show up at a convention?

Safire closes, scarily, with
We can hope that the winners in tomorrow’s alliteration wars will be the pleasant Pollyannas of positivism.
Let's hope that contribution to the "alliteration wars" doesn't stick....

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  1. William Safire's back? He had no business criticizing "nattering nabobs of negativity" -- the overall tone of his column was even more negative than yours. ;-)


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