Friday, August 17, 2012

Lucky Number 13

What is it about Mitt Romney, that he can't help but pick at his scabs? First it's "I paid "at least" 13% in "taxes" during each of the past ten years. (We shouldn't now ask about year #11?) Why is he even talking about his taxes? Does he believe that people will think that's a high number? Does he want his lack of candor on his income and taxes to be in the headlines?

And again sending Ann Romney out to draw a line in the sand for him? Even after she made the haughty statement, "we’ve released all the information you people need to know." Really, what's his team thinking? (Or should that be, "Is his team thinking?")

Update: Hardcore Romney supporter Ed Rogers also doesn't understand Romney's tactic. "If Romney isn't going to release his tax returns, he should quit talking about them".

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  1. As many have pointed out, Romney isn't contradicting Reid. He's talking about what he paid in "taxes", not "income taxes". So Reid may be correct that there are years in which Romney paid no income taxes but still ended up paying a tax rate of roughly 13% due to his paying capital gains taxes.

    If Romney doesn't clarify what he's saying, he may as well admit that Reid's source is accurate.


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