Friday, August 17, 2012

It Should Be an Issue

Even if Mitt Romney, for some reason,1 has chosen to bury it. This one goes out to the President:

1. Is there a hidden strategy? Fear that if pressed for specifics he would have nothing more to offer than, "No more extensions and 'food stamps' are too generous"?

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  1. There's also Shel Silverstein,

    Now who do you think was there today
    Talkin about food and rent?
    There was a hard hat, fat cat,
    Girl from the laundrymat
    And one ex-President.
    I raise my eyes and prayed to the Lord,
    "Please save this world of mine."
    Then I turned around,
    And I saw God standin'
    In the unemployment line.

    That could be taken as a cautionary tale, but you could also quip about Romney being in line. He's unemployed too, you know.


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