Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Better Ending for Lost

As Jack puts the plug back in place and the pool refills, the golden glowing energy turns into a searing white light. Cut to the outside, where Ben and Hurley watch in horror as a cloud of black smoke emerges from the cave.

Cut to a beach. Hurley and Jack are sitting next to each other, staring out at the water. Ben is standing nearby, watching and listening. Jack says, "You know, Hurley, I've decided I don't like the island after all. I'm leaving the first chance I get. If only I had a body...." Ben mutters, "Oh, crap. Here we go again." Fade to black.

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  1. When Jack was filling the bottle with water for Hurley to drink, become protector of the Island, I would have enjoyed it had Ben handed Jack a package of powder. "Here, Jack." "What's this?" "It's the Kool-Aid."


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