Friday, May 07, 2010

Lieberman Has Never Cared About the Constitution

But he never shies away from the opportunity to be an opportunist. In that sense, I guess it makes sense that he's teaming up with Scott Brown who, more by accident than design, was handed the opportunity of a lifetime through the series of events leading up to his election, and whose sole present goal in life appears to be achieving reelection.

Just remember, when you hear Lieberman spouting populist nonsense about how we must shred one aspect of the constitution or another, he has a long history of contempt toward the Bill of Rights.

How to explain Lieberman? I'll refer you back to "Another Round of 'Stupid vs. Mendacious'".


  1. I wonder how much support he'd have for a policy that took away the citizeship of anyone who committed treason, spied, or provided support to those who did . . .


  2. From your comment, I think you've already taken note of the artful wording of his proposal.


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