Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sure, anybody can be unfaithful, but infidelity doesn't "just happen" - it's a choice. It can't "happen to anyone" because anybody can choose marital fidelity. (via TPM.)

What we may be witnessing is the end of the "What happens in D.C. stays in D.C." mindset that, sure, makes it easier to be unfaithful but does not take away your free will.


  1. Is Penny Nance married? If so, apparently Mr. Nance might want to check the cellphone bills a little more carefully. After all - it could happen to anyone!

  2. It's pretty typical for that brand of conservatism. They eagerly reinvent their heroes' personal failures as having been brought about by circumstance. "The temptation was so great, no one could resist". Never mind that other people do resist in those very same circumstances.

    Yet they often seem to be the first to ignore context when the political context is different. If one person can overcome an abusive, impoverished inner city childhood and become wealthy, why can't everybody? "One of us" vs. "One of them."


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