Friday, May 07, 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop, Featuring Banksy

Fake but fun? The movie, "Exit Through The Gift Shop" is getting some attention.
Allegedly, the doc was made by Banksy who – this too is certain – is an actual street artist of real renown and carefully cultivated anonymity. We glimpse him, or perhaps someone purporting to be him, in the opening frames. A hooded figure shot in low light and speaking with a rough English accent, he explains the film’s subject: “It’s about a guy who tried to make a documentary about me, but he’s a lot more interesting than me.”
I have a suspicion that, if people found out who "Banksy" really is, they would be surprised by what a brazen, commercial exploit his "art" is, from start to finish. Not subversive, but corporate and motivated by profit from day one: making bank(sy).

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