Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well, There's A Shock

Following up on the emergence of "swiftboating"-style tactics against McCain, the Atlantic Free Press claims,
Last March, the masterminds of the swift boat blitzkrieg against Kerry, in 2004, formed Vietnam Vets against McCain. As Raw Story revealed, Jerry Kiley, one of the group's founders, says that the Arizona senator "pretends to be a conservative Republican, but he's not the man that people have projected onto him.," and this may be the best thing they have to say about McCain.

In a series of television ads Vietnam Vets plans to air soon, they aim to "expose" his support of the Communist regime in Vietnam, as well as allege that, as president, the presumptive Republican nominee would grant drivers license to "illegal immigrants."
The article indicates that it isn't clear who is providing funding for the group's planned ad campaign.

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