Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meet "Teh Stupids"

Reuters has blogs? Okay.... Well, let's just say "teh stupids" they quote are bringing out my inner elitist:a Reuter's blog tells us that,
Barack Obama can talk about his childhood years in Kansas and upbringing by his white Midwestern grandparents, but if voters at one small-town Indiana cafe are any indication, he has a long way to go to convince them he represents heartland America.
Okay, so far it seems like we're talking about the flap over Rev. Wright, the "bitter/cling" stuff, and... well, no.
”Obama has great ideas but his background scares me,” said Chris Leighton, 60, a secretary having lunch at the Chaperral Cafe in Shelbyville, in southeast Indiana. “Everyone talks about him being a Muslim and having ties to terrorism, but how do people really find out?”
Well, you know, having a brain in your head doesn't hurt. Oh, but it gets worse.
Construction worker Ron Debaun, 61, said he hadn’t yet decided whether he would support Obama or Hillary Clinton in Indiana’s May 6 primary, noting they both “have good ideas.” But he’s leaning toward Clinton.

What doesn’t he like about Obama?

”His Muslim ties,” said Debaun.

Why does he think Obama is a Muslim?

“Let’s just say that he admits it himself,” he said.
Well, at least he's sufficiently open-minded to consider voting for Obama, despite his delusions. And it keeps going....
Retired locksmith Leslie Hedman, 61, said he doesn’t like any of the three candidates — Clinton, Obama, or Republican John McCain – because none are committed Christians.

”Obama is a Muslim,” he said. Where did he hear that?

”He said he was but then he said he’s not,” said Hedman.
Perhaps by "committed" he means none hang with him at the asylum?

One person is upset over Wright. The fifth and last?
“A person who doesn’t believe in anything? I don’t want anything to do with him,” said cafe owner and Clinton supporter Shirley Bailey, 70. “He says he won’t take an oath on the Bible, he won’t salute the American flag. That doesn’t sit well with me.”
Whispered smear campaigns, it seems, resonate with teh stupids.


  1. Great, another stupid locksmith. Trying yet again to ruin it for the 0.0007% of us in the locksmith business who actually have an intellect, are able to read, and can look up information rather than having it spoonfed to us by O'Reilly, Hannity, or Drudge. Thanks numbnuts. :) Don't people like the ones you posted about just make you INSANE?

  2. It's not like any of this is "new" or "different" from the norm. Who can forget, "My opponent's wife is a noted thespian . . . "


  3. And he masticates on three or more occasions each day?


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