Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh, Spare Me

William Kristol pretends,
And an experienced Democratic operative e-mailed: “Finally, I think [McCain’s] going to win. Obama isn’t growing in stature. Once I thought he could be Jimmy Carter, but now he reminds me more of Michael Dukakis with the flag lapel thing and defending Wright. Plus he doesn’t have a clue how to talk to the middle class. He’s in the Stevenson reform mold out of Illinois, with a dash of Harvard disease thrown in.”
Because that's what anonymous "experienced Democratic operatives" do... they send emails to meretricious Republican hacks, savaging Democratic candidates.

"I once thought he could be Jimmy Carter..."? Please.


  1. I suspect that Kristol's "Democratic operatives" are related to Friedman's taxi drivers. A convenient, non-verifiable source of a quote that coincidentally happens to be exactly what he needs to make his point.

  2. William Kristol isn't a good writer, and it seems that he isn't even a good liar.

    Someone remind me, why did the Times hire him?


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