Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama on Fox News

Obama agrees to an interview on Fox. An Obama spokesperson says Obama will "take on" Fox News, refusing to specify what that means. Third parties spun that as a promise of confrontation, but that's not apparent from the actual statement made. Some people imagine that the only possible meaning of this phrase is for Obama to devote a considerable portion of his interview to attacking the bias of Fox News. And instead he puts in a strong performance, but doesn't attack the network.

Some pro-Obama sites, and of course some anti-Obama sites, want to characterize Obama's campaign as having acted "in bad faith" or having "lied".

You're kidding me, right? You really wanted Barack Obama go to on Fox News, act like a petulant child, and fill the airwaves with a whole new set of anti-Obama sound bites and clips? That's better than his "taking on" the challenge of a Fox News interview, and coming out looking like a competent Presidential candidate?

For future reference, saying you're going to "take on" a challenge doesn't mean that you will be confrontational. You should be pleased that Obama did well, not complaining that he chose not to play the part of a partisan warrior. That latter approach? Some of us would call it, "Playing into a trap."

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