Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clinton Makes It Hard....

You know, with Obama's association with Wright, and with his "bitter/cling" comments, even with full consideration of her own errors and misstatements I sometimes start to think, "Maybe Clinton really is the better candidate." But for some reason she has to make it hard.
Clinton, who toured the Miller Veneers wood manufacturing company in Indianapolis, said "there are a lot of people in Indiana who would really benefit from a gas tax holiday.

"That might not mean much to my opponent, but I think it means a lot to people who are struggling here, people who commute a long way to work, farmers and truckers," Clinton said. She has called for a windfall tax on oil companies to pay for a gas tax holiday.
Clinton has to know the realities of her proposal. Here, she's in the world of President Bush, with his prevarications that drilling in ANWR would lower gas prices, capping it off with innuendo that Obama doesn't care about working people.

Clinton is lucky that there are other issues in the race, because on the issue of the "gas tax holiday", Obama's the only candidate who is acting like a grown-up. (But then I'm still disenfranchised, so I guess neither of them have to care what I think.)

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