Saturday, January 01, 2011

In Case You're Curious....

And I don't know why you would be...

The most popular pages of this blog over the past year, subject to any number of caveats (e.g., this doesn't accurately assess the reading of items via the RSS feed or if you navigate to the main page or an archive page containing multiple posts), are:

1. Lost Ending (Spoiler): Is it that Lost fans also like Trading Places? The guy who declared me a "stupid idiot" in the comments probably not so much....

2. Movies About Bullying. Apparently people are consistently looking for movies about bullying, and... my off-the-cuff list is one of the better ones?

3. Emergency Room Usage and Healthcare Reform. My response to a superficial take on this serious issue.

4. Decline of America, or Decline of the Middle Class. Given all of the good economic news for the middle class, why do people insist upon dwelling on the negative? (cough)

5. Is "The Breast Cancer Society" a Worthy Charity. Is the sky green?

6. Energy Policy As A Precursor To Withdrawal From Iraq... Is That An 800 Pound Gorilla.... I would like to claim that a three-year-old post generates high traffic due to its brilliant insights, but fact is... for some reason it shows up in Google image searches for pymgy marmosets. I'm not saying it's a fetish thing, but apparently they're almost as popular as pictures of [celebrity name] nude.

7. Unemployment - Cause and Effect. I suspect lots of undergrads were writing research papers on the subject and hoping that this post would form a foundation.

8. Medicare vs. Private Plans. My preference remains that the insurance industry share facts to support its claims about Medicare, but... like that's going to happen.

9. Dennis Prager's Conservative Man's Guide to Sex. Because if you don't know as much about sex and relationships as Dennis Prager....

10. The High Cost of Incarceration. And less than a year later, even the conservative establishment is starting to wake up to the issue. I, of course, claim all credit.

From what my statistics show, forget politics, if I want traffic I need to write things like, "The ending to Lost will involve Vince McMahon bullying a pygmy marmoset."


  1. It's interesting that there seems to be a relatively low correlation between high traffic and number of posts . . .


  2. Number of comments? Yes, I've noticed that.


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