Monday, January 10, 2011

Search Engine Sex?

Paul Krugman writes,
I’m not quite sure what search-engine sex would involve.
Perhaps I should leave this with "Don't Ask"?1 (Or should I go retro and suggest that you "Ask Jeeves"?)

Wouldn't this question have best been asked in the era of Excite and HotBot?
1. You want search engine sex from Google? Go to settings and, under SafeSearch Filtering, choose "Do not filter my search results". Your next search result, regardless of topic, may inspire you to say, "Yech."


  1. TeacherPatti1/10/11, 8:52 PM

    I'm disappointed. I did exactly what you said and searched the words "constitution" "law" and "stopped clock" and got no porn :(

    I thought I'd at least get a money shot picture of CWD.

  2. You, and the world, may be better off for that failure. : )


  3. TeacherPatti1/11/11, 1:44 PM

    Thanks Aaron. I looked at that right before lunch....good weight loss strategy though ;)


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