Friday, January 14, 2011

Where's Limbaugh's Impassioned Defense of Limbaugh?

Or his scathing criticism of Clear Channel?

I understand why Clear Channel or the radio station would want to pull down the "straight shooter" sign for Limbaugh, given recent events, just to avoid the possibility of controversy. But the very act of doing so lends credence to the argument that the rhetoric of certain right-wing rhetoric political and opinion leaders has been over-the-top. Further, the sign doesn't, in my opinion, constitute the type of speech that's under discussion:

It isn't a call for violence, an expression against democratic traditions, or really, anything more than a pretty obvious visual representation of the "straight shooter" slogan.

Rush, you keep arguing there's nothing wrong with the use of violent rhetoric and imagery, so start living up to your own words. Stop trying to flush imagery that you purport to be defensible, let alone imagery that most people would agree is defensible, down the memory hole. And certainly, don't sit silent while people scrub the record on your behalf.

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  1. Perhaps they'll put up something more neutral while maintaining firearms imagery? "Rush Limbaugh: Still Shooting Blanks."


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