Friday, January 07, 2011

You Had Best Know the Meaning of Your $5 Words....

Following up on "antithesis", today's object lesson comes in the form of "mendacity".
"As I deliberate and I listen to the gentleman from Tennessee, I have to make the point that when you challenge the mendacity of the leader or another member, there is an opportunity to rise to a point of order, there is an opportunity to make a motion to take the gentleman's words down, however many of the members are off on other endeavors and I would make the point that the leader and the speaker have established their integrity and their mendacity for years in this Congress and I don't believe it can be effectively challenged and those who do so actually cast aspersions on themselves by making wild accusations," [Rep. John] King said.
(Would it have been appropriate for Rep. Joe Wilson to stand up, point at King and yell, "You lie"?)


  1. "[T]hose who do so actually cast aspersions on themselves by making wild accusations..."

    What does that say about Joe "You Lie" Wilson? Darrell "Most Corrupt" Issa?

    Double standard, much?

  2. TeacherPatti1/10/11, 1:46 PM

    They need to come to the 6th grade and learn "robust vocabulary" with the rest of the class. I "push into" that class w/ my students and so I'm available to help.


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