Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lost Ending (Spoiler)

Not that I am usually inclined to post spoilers, but given that last night's episode all but gave away the "nature vs. nurture" theme on the corruptability of man it doesn't seem like I'm giving much away. So here's a climactic moment from the script for the final episode:
The scene opens with a fight between Jack and Sayid. Sayid knocks Jack to the ground and starts to strangle him. Hurley and Kate rush over to try to pull the men apart.

Jack: [gasping] It was an experiment... to see how our lives would turn out... Jacob and the Man in Black arranged it... they made a bet.

Hurley: I'm afraid it's true.

Kate: I believe him, Sayid.

Sayid: Jacob and the Man in Black... ruined my life... over a bet? For how much?

Jack: A drachma.

Sayid: One drachma... fine. That's the way they want it? No problem.
A delightful revenge plot then develops during which Ben ends up in a Polar Bear costume, locked in a cage with an amorous, long-forgotten island resident, while the castaways trick Jacob into believing that the Island is nothing more than a dream sequence in which characters from the HBO series Deadwood have been transposed into a sequel to Carnivàle. Jacob releases the Man in Black from the island, and a grinning Sayid hands Jack a drachma.

The episode closes with the entire cast, hand-in-hand on the beach, singing "Freewill" as the sun sets behind them.


  1. I like this, but I suspect you're dating yourself with the Trading Places reference. ;-)

  2. LOL

    trading places is one of the greatest movies ever

  3. you stupid idiot

  4. "Stupid idiot".... That's clever.


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