Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crybabies Everywhere

Thomas Sowell sheds some crocodile tears over the healthcare reform bill:
The corrupt manner in which this massive legislation was rammed through Congress, without any of the committee hearings or extended debates that most landmark legislation has had, has provided a roadmap for pushing through more such sweeping legislation in utter defiance of what the public wants....

The ruthless and corrupt way this bill was forced through Congress on a party-line vote, and in defiance of public opinion, provides a road map for how other "historic" changes can be imposed by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.
Legislation passing with sixty votes in the Senate - a bona fide supermajority - and a majority vote in the House? With the majority party repeatedly trying to get the minority to join in the debate? With the President coordinating a meeting with the minority party to try to bring them on board? I'm sure all of the Founding Fathers would agree that this is the absolute death of democracy. Wow. If passing bills with sixty votes in the Senate and a majority in the House takes off as a precedent, we'll pretty soon have, um, laws?

Ah, yes, I recall all of Sowell's columns lamenting the passage of Bush's tax cuts through reconciliation (i.e., a mere majority vote in the Senate) and that he would advocate for the privatization of Social Security but, alas, the will of the people prevented any such action. Or... not.

To think, as recently as 2007 Sowell was bragging about the economic boon brought about by Bush's tax cuts. The man truly is the philosopher of our time - the best thing short of a second coming.

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