Thursday, January 01, 2009

As If You Care....

The most popular posts for 2008 were:
  1. What Happened in Georgia
  2. Amendment vs. Revision of the California Constitution
  3. George Will Blasts John McCain
  4. Really Dumb Spammers
  5. Fraud on eBay? No Kidding.... (From 2006)
  6. McCain's Stance on Social Security
  7. What Happened to Google Knols? (They finally arrived!)
  8. Michelle Rhee's Secret Plan for Teacher Pay
  9. Batman and the Conservative Movie List
  10. Law Firm Spammers (Another post from 2006)

Technically speaking, the most heavily visited page was not a post, but was this archive section, popular with thousands upon of thousands of fans of pygmy tarsiers.

Happy New Year!


  1. It is interesting how many of the most "popular" posts did not generate any comments . . .


  2. And yet this post, which will probably be read by only four or five people, already has one, no, two!


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