Thursday, September 07, 2006

Law Firm Spammers

Mike at Crime and Federalism recently wrote of spam email he received from a lawyer soliciting his membership in a referral network of some sort. Today, I got spammed with a mass solicitation trawling the Internet for anybody who knows anybody who has used Vioxx:
That spam was sent through "", which claims to build permission-based "email marketing solutions". Yeah, right. Permission. That must be why they offer no information about their sponsor or services on their website, which is registered to what seems to be a fake address.

The site behind the ads is, which is registered anonymously. The site does include an address - The Legal Leads Network, Inc., 14545 J. Military Trail #137 Delray Beach, FL 33484 , USA - which is a post office box at a UPS Store. But the site is mirrored at, and beyond the other similar anonymously registered legal lead generator sites, that site's server hosts a website registered to one "Arthur Frischman" of "PCSecurityShield, Inc.". A couple of years ago, Mr. Frischman was lamenting the CanSpam Act:
Now comes the fun part. The FTC is going to make an example out of someone. It certainly will be a lot easier to make an example out of NextAisle, if we didn't perfect the art of suppression lists, than it would be to track down some hard-core spammer sitting in cybercafe in Indonesia. Let's hope that the FTC opts for the hard-core spammer.

For those of us that derive revenue from email, the reality of all this is that we are in for a tough few months. Soon, we will all understand this law better, adjust to it and move on and the email industry will come back strong and probably a whole lot cleaner. Mark my words.
Cleaner? Yeah, right.

But who is buying his leads?


  1. I have received two emails from this group asking if I've had an MRI, which I have.

    My hospital records were comprimised when my local hospital's database was hacked. I've gone on a watch-list for my credit, but is it possible these people actually know I've had an MRI?

    I never follow any links that I get from emails I don't already know. I googled "Legal Leads Network" to see what/who they were. That's how I found this site.

  2. Just received one of these ads for another drug. Interesting to note, however... I found a myspace page for a Chey Whitestein as CTO for Legal Leads. A second company listed by him is Brady Stone Designs in
    Palm Harbor, FL... he's listed as President on that one, some web page design thing. Here's the link:

    He is obviously getting around with testing crap out:

    This site practically hoses your machine:

    I wish I was still in South Florida... some people just deserve to have their houses toilet-papered ;)

  3. Hello,

    I just received a spam email from the same outfit -- Legal Leads Network -- wanting my input concerning a hernia patch recall (huh?) and claiming that I opted in to their network somewhere -- which, of course, I did not.

    The sending IP address ( and the IP address of the domain mentioned in the email (, both are registered to:

    OrgName: R & D Technologies, LLC
    OrgID: RDTL
    Address: 2675 Patrick Lane
    Address: Suite 8
    City: Las Vegas
    StateProv: NV
    PostalCode: 89120
    Country: US

    Sadly, this hosting company seems to be quite spam tolerant. I've seen the name of the technical contact (Robert Tyree) before and have sent complaints before with no response, so I'm not too terribly hopeful that anything will come of it.

    Thanks for your post. Feel free to contact me ( if I can be of further assistance.

    Best regards,

  4. Versaweb is a spam factory and just as Tom posted, I too have attempted to contact Robert Tyree regarding the floods of illegal spams coming out of and have received absolutely no assistance. I have called their telephone numbers (always getting an answering machine) and left messages. I have filed hundreds of spamcop complaints about the illegal spams pouring out of their servers, and I have recently filed complaints at the FTC as well as the BBB against that company. With the recent spam king convictions you would think that Robert Tyree would get the hint about illegal spamming... alas, his greed overshadows any legal problems his spam empire will cause.

    Versaweb (and all of Robert Tyree's little spam websites) are all registered through Godaddy... I suggest other people also contact and file complaints against these criminals as well. Hey Robert Tyree: Maybe you can share a cell with Robert Soloway!

  5. I also receive emails from this address, in particular, the annoying asbestos ones. I receive 10-20 of them PER HOUR! I mark them as spam but it does not seem to matter. I have a spam filter, yet these ones continue to go to my inbox. It is soooo annoying! I've even emailed the spammers themselves. First, I kindly asked them to stop. Didn't work. Next, I sent a threatening email stating that I would sue for harassment if this continues. It continues. Can I sue for this?:-) Maybe the spammers are so elusive that I wouldn't be able to find them, apart from the fake address they give. Help! Any ideas about how I can make this STOP? Don't really want to have to change my email address...

  6. Just for kicks, I just responded to the spammers, saying that I did in fact suffer from asbestos exposure and the I would pay anything to get help. At least I got another (probably fake) address-more info to catch these bastards. In addition to my address, the emails are always addressed to this address: (maybe a head spammer, or another victim?)

    Here is their reply:

    Did you purchase AMBAC Securities or stock?

    Follow the link below to get all the legal information you need for your place in the current class action suit:

    This message has been sent to you by Turn Dial Web Solutions. To be removed please choose from the options below.
    1436 Altamont Ave. #257 Schenectady NY 12303.

    You may also call to remove your address 1-888-513-5296.

    The following link will take you to our sponsors removal page as well:

    Sponsor Information:
    The Legal Leads Network, Inc., 14545 J. Military Trail #137 Delray Beach , FL 33484

    NEW YORK, July 21, 2008, To Purchasers of Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (Ambac or the Company) (NYSE: ABK) Directly-Issued Subordinated Capital Securities issued 2/7/07 and due 2/7/87 (DISCS). A class action has been filed on behalf of shareholders who purchased or otherwise acquired DISCS from February 7, 2007 (the IPO) through January 15, 2008, inclusive (The Class Period), seeking remedies under the Securities Act of 1933 or Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

    A class action has been commenced in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of shareholders who purchased or otherwise acquired Ambac Financial Group common stock (NYSE: ABK) from October 19, 2005 through January 15, 2008, inclusive. If you purchased DISCS during the Class Period and would like to represent a class of purchasers of those securities in this litigation please provide your information and fill out the brief questionnaire on this site.

  7. p.s. Of course you probably know this, esp. if you have enough sense to take a stand and come to this anti-spam site, but just in case, please don't follow the spammer's links that I just posted. I certainly do not; there may be a virus on the sites.

  8. I came up with this from here and google

    Legal Leads Network, Inc.
    Brian Apploff

    14545 J. Military Trail #137,
    Delray Beach, FL, 33484

    (561) 499-3279

  9. I just spoke with Brian Apploff, regarding my concerns about SPAM email that included his company's address information. He was polite, professional and worked quickly to identify the source of the email and add my email address to the master unsubscribe list for

    Hopefully this will solve the issue of SPAM from this domain. I will follow up with a post to let everyone know the final outcome. Based on my experience thus far, I would say Mr. Apploff is committed to customer service and addressing issues head on.

  10. This address is being used with a company "Hiring Recruiters". Under Recruiting Biz, or Recruiting or Recruiting Members... Asking for $ to become recruiters from home - paying to access their database of open orders. Live - interactive presentation/interview style. Seems "very" much on up and up - but when doing a search on this address they use - this is the site I found!


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