Monday, September 04, 2006

Don't Say "Vexatious" - She May Sue You

Have you heard about the psychologist who is suing Google because it kicked her out of the AdSense program after she clicked on ads in violation of the program policies? (She's also suing Yahoo!, but I'm not sure that the basis of the suit has been made public.) Somebody at GeekVillage did some digging and learned that this isn't her first lawsuit.... My favorite calendar entry: 9/2/2001 - Petitioner's Motion For Reinstatement Petition For Writ Of Mandamus Directed To The Florida Bar And Motion [To] The Rotten, Corrupt And Incompetent Supreme Court Of Florida For Reinstatement Are Hereby Denied. Somebody else emailed her and, like any sensible person with a case pending before a court, she replied.

Over at WebmasterWorld, it is speculated that this may reflect a teensy bit of résumé padding.

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