Friday, January 23, 2009

Am I Too Hard on Gerson

Oh my....

Attacking Michael Hirsh, and accusing him of being "'even happier' about the advance of liberal arrogance than he is about the advance of racial justice", Michael Gerson writes,
Most of us have witnessed this attitude, usually in college. The kids who employed contempt instead of argument, who shouted down speakers they didn't agree with, who thought anyone who contradicted them had a lower IQ, who talked of "reason" while exhibiting little of it. They were often not the brightest of bulbs. Most people recover from this childish affliction. Some do not.
Pot... kettle... black? No wait, that's unfair to Hirsh, who obviously didn't say what Gerson chooses to pretend. Not that I can't understand why Gerson chose to personalize Hirsh's comments.

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