Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Been Almost a Day....

Why isn't everything fixed yet?

Update: The low expectations continue.


  1. It must be the vast right-wing conspiracy's fault. You know, the one that is causing so much trouble with his AG and SoS nominees.


  2. No kidding! I thought I'd walk into school today and my 6th grader who can't read or write would suddenly know how! And my other 6th grader who doesn't know how to use the bathroom by himself would know how to do that! And I'd have barrels of money waiting for me so I could fund the college tuitions for my higher functioning kiddos. Or at least I thought NCLB would be eliminated.
    Oh wait. These things takes time, don't they? :)

  3. We have to at least give him a few more hours. Heck, I'm patient - let's give him until tomorrow.


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