Thursday, August 11, 2005

Immigration Woes

The Washington Post shares an editorial by a woman who is upset that her illegal alien spouse could face deportation and a long period of exclusion from the country if caught:
The fact is, he could be deported and be banned from returning to the United States for 10 years. If he did get deported, returned to his home country, and applied for residency based on the difficulty it would cause our family, he wouldn't be granted the hardship waiver for the following reasons: [My considerable income, my college education, our family's good health, and our small family size]

* * *

Wouldn't it make more sense to amend the law and allow our family, and others in the same quandary, to stay together? A $10,000 fine would be more palatable than a 10-year separation, and it wouldn't cost American taxpayers a dime.
Somehow, though, even though some visa programs arguably amount to this, I am not sold on the notion that the wealthy and fortunate should be able to avoid immigration laws and effectively buy legal residency.


  1. Hey, she's a "Washingtonian", she's grown up on the notion that people who make enough money or are important enough can get away with Murder and Rape (and that's just the Kennedy family), why shouldn't she feel like she should be able to buy her way out of her husband's criminal acts. (And for the record, her count of the number of crimes he has committed is a little off, she says he has only broken one law in his life . . . if he entered illegally, stays illegally, used forged papers to get a job, holds a job illegally . . . .well, you get the idea. CWD

  2. What. A. Twat.

    Did it not occur to her that this would be a problem *before* they got married? With her college education and good job, she could have talked to an immigration lawyer rather earlier.

  3. Yes, she's an idiot and so is her husband. There are a LOT of ways to deal with such a situation legally BEFORE setting about having kids, establishing a life together, etc.

    No sympathy for this dumbass.

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