Sunday, July 01, 2012

Repeal and Replace? Bring It On!

But no more idle talk - let's hear the actual policies and see the actual proposed legislation. We know from their past demagoguery that the Republicans can resolve the issues addressed in the Affordable Care Act with legislation that is short and breezy, and they've supposedly been working on the issue for years. Remember - to their credit, they were the originators of the core elements of the ACA.

I recognize that some Republicans develop a terrible case of writer's block when it comes to reducing even simple ideas to the form of a bill. But I would urge them to try to get over whatever is holding them back, and to show us their actual plan.

The ACA, as constructed, is deeply flawed - few, if any, dispute that. So there's lots of room for evolutionary or even revolutionary1 improvement. Let's see what you've got.

No more fantasies about "Maybe after President Romney appoints some new justices we'll be able to take this back to the Supreme Court", though. Let's try to respect both the outcomes of elections and the legislative process. You have to have at least one idea you can put on the table, no?
1. No, carrying pictures of President Obama depicted as, say, Chairman Mao isn't the sort of revolution of which I speak, although I'll give your supporters credit for proving the Beatles incorrect.

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