Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney's European Tour

The consensus appears to be that it's a good thing that "Americans don't care about foreign policy" because the world tour that Romney's backers were touting as how he would demonstrate his capacity and leadership to the world, and leave Obama green with jealousy, has turned into a seemingly endless series of unforced errors.

British political cartoonists don't seem at all inclined to give politicians the benefit of the doubt, and unflattering depictions are par for the course. But I think Steve Bell is pretty much capturing the European impression of Romney.

People tell me that Romney is a man of intelligence, although clearly not a man who thinks or understand a whit about foreign policy issues (or what it means to punch a clock, get his hands dirty, worry about being able to pay rent...). If I take their word for it, the inevitable conclusion is that Romney believes everybody else is a rube, that his supporters are not only too stupid to tell when he's lying, they'll cheer his every lie, defend his every misrepresentation, dismiss even the most obvious mistake. So far it's working, so there remains a significant possibility that Willard "Mitt for Brains" Romney will be keeping political cartoonists happy for a long time.

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