Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where's The Bill?

Darrell Issa and his sidekick, Jack Kingston, were on Real Time this past weekend, where they deplored the absence of a very simple healthcare reform - simply letting all Americans buy into the federal cafeteria plan, unsubsidized, thereby obtaining the same insurance coverage available to federal workers and Members of Congress at group rates. Now why does that idea seem familiar....1

While the Issa-Kingston bill would hardly be the end of healthcare reform, it's something I would favor. It would also be a very simple bill to draft, and with the support of the Republican Party should quickly and easily pass in both Houses.

So what are they waiting for?


1. If you recall, John Kerry proposed something similar in 2004, but his formal proposal involved creating a parallel pool comparable to the federal employees' insurance program rather than in fact allowing the nation's unwashed masses into the federal pool. I expect this was because somebody told him what would happen to the group rates available in the federal pool if, in fact, any American with a pre-existing health condition were allowed to buy in and get immediate, full coverage.

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