Friday, August 28, 2009

Destroying Fine Art

Rob Zombie is saving us from the possibility of inferior sequels to last year's Halloween remake....
In summer 2007, just weeks before the big-screen arrival of his "Halloween" reboot, director Rob Zombie said he was done with the franchise....

Then a couple of things happened: The movie became the #1 movie of the Labor Day weekend, and Zombie found out what other filmmakers were planning to do with the series he'd pulled off the horror-franchise scrap heap.

"I just got protective of the series, because I had spent so much time trying to revive the whole thing that it looked like they were just going to go back in and destroy it," he told MTV News recently.
Yes, heaven forbid another director might come along and make a sequel to a horror movie retread that, unlike Zombie's film, is actually scary.


  1. I didn't see his Halloween movie, but my husband talked me into watching Devil's Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses. They weren't scary as much as they were profoundly disturbing.

  2. Of itself, Sid Haig in clown makeup is a bit disturbing. But I could never get past the boredom factor and force myself to sit through either of those films.

  3. Devil's Rejects kind of works as an homage to 70s era grind-house films, but QT did it a lot better.

    I do get a kick out of a b-list cult director who does "homages" and "remakes" whining about what someone else might do to the Halloween franchise . . .


  4. I suspect it was more that somebody else might make money with it.

    Or make a sequel without casting his wife. ;-)


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