Thursday, June 23, 2011

Using ICANN's New Domains to Take on Facebook

Commenting on the new ICANN rules, Nina Gregory comments,1
What that means is that big brands see big opportunities. He gives an example of what a company like Canon could do. It could acquire dot-Canon, and even the generic dot-camera, and could create photo-sharing Web sites grouped within those domains.

"So not only is Canon now going to be dot-Canon," he says, "but Canon can now issue secondary domains to every one of its camera owners, and what they might very well do is embed a chip in their cameras that link that camera owner to their ID so that as they're taking photos they could just be automatically uploading photos to a photo-sharing site. I mean, that's just one possibility."
I'm inspired. I'm going to obtain a top level domain and create a competitor for Facebook. What do you think - does .pod work, or does the concept of "pod people" need too much explaining. Perhaps .borg?
1. The article highlights a great quote:
"If I had $185,000, I'd spend it on something else."

- Esther Dyson, former chair, ICANN

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