Monday, June 13, 2011

(College) Kids These Days

Scott Kaufman shares a few recent experiences with his students. (But then is it a surprise that students don't "get" the concept of attending class, completing their actual assignments and studying, given that "More than 36 percent of first-year students at two-year and four-year colleges took at least one remedial class in 2007-08" and alarming numbers of "B" high school students from certain districts require remedial classes in reading and math. And, like Kaufman, some professors simply won't tell you "what's on the test.")

Going back to the lighter side, I was reminded of an interaction between a teacher and student at a graduation reception:
Professor: Congratulations, Ms. Jones.

Student: You remember me?

Professor: Yes.

Student: But I was only in one of your classes. How did you remember me?

Professor: You sat in the front row and asked questions every class until about two weeks into the course, when you came up to me after class and asked, "Does attendance count." I answered "No" and never saw you again.

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