Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pull The Other One

Would you believe this if you were a juror?
"I searched for chloroform," said Cindy Anthony, as jurors leaned forward, riveted, in the Orlando courtroom.

"I was searching for 'chlorophyll' because I was worried that it might affect my dogs," Cindy said. "I was worried about them eating bamboo."
I guess it's more plausible than attributing the search on a two-year-old, but really. I guess the thought process is, "My dogs were eating bamboo, I realized that bamboo contains chlorophyll, I wanted to know if chlorophyll is harmful to dogs, so I searched for 'chlorophyll' - but I didn't know how it was spelled so I ended up searching for 'chloroform'."

I suspect that most people searching for information on the possible consequences to their dogs from eating grass search for such terms as "dogs eating bamboo", and that most people who are looking for the effect of chlorophyll on dogs would search for something like "chlorophyll dogs", perhaps ending up with a twisted search term that would be of concern to PETA but not of much relevance in a criminal trial.


  1. Wish you had done cross instead of Burdick.

  2. That was exactly my thoughts..searches would show
    "dogs eating bamboo"
    "Dogs getting sick"
    "What plants can dogs eat and get sick"
    "Can eating bamboo make dogs sick"
    If I were a Juror, I would be so pissed that I am away from my family, stuck in a room with no outside communication expected to do a job and you turn around and lie to protect this witch and waste our time?? Don't tell me anymore,,this witch is guilty hang her!

  3. Ha , Her testimony was ridiculous. I just did a couple of searches myself to see what popped up and your blog entry was the only one ( on the first page of results) that also had the word chloroform in the results. I think Cindy hurt Casey more than helped her. I 'd be saying to myself , her mom knows she did it so she's trying to dispute the premeditation evidence.

  4. Another issue that the testimony implicates is why she didn't keep searching. Was she so happy with her results for "chloroform" that she was no longer worried for her dogs? Did she find a page that said, "Chloroform is bad for humans, but makes dogs happy"?

  5. Very good point, Aaron!


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