Saturday, June 11, 2011

Racism? I Don't See No Stinkin' Racism!

How could you possibly imagine that there's any racism here?
Bolling began the segment itself by saying, in part, "So what's with all the hoods in the hizzy? A month after the White House hosted the rapper Common, who glorifies violence on cops, the president opened his doors to one of Africa's most evil dictators. Here's Ali Bongo, the Gabonese president, who's been accused of human rights violations and plundering billions of his country's dollars."
Let's do a quick Google search for "Hoods in the hizzy". Okay... here we go:

Oops - Daddy Bongo, granted - you know those banana republics, in which power passes from father to son - but with the wrong hizzy host? With a dash of Jack Abramoff, to boot? Nothing to see there, folks....

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