Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mitch Albom Plays Auto Executive

And in their (hypothetical) voice notes,
Ask fair questions. Demand accountability. But knock it off with the holier than thou crap, OK? You got us into this mess with greed, a bad Fed policy and too little regulation. Don't kick our tires to make yourselves look better.
I'm really not a fan of gotcha politics; the grandstanding over auto executives' flying in by private jet was cute, but politicians should remember that turnabout is fair play. If the new rule is that executives of troubled or failing businesses, or those seeking tens of billions of dollars in federal aid can't fly their corporate jets, where is the comeuppance for AIG and Citigroup? (And dare I joke about G.W. having two spectacular private jets, given the mess he's made of pretty much everything he's touched?)

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