Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spinning Conspiracy Theories Is Fun....

But you can be a lot more convincing than this:
Al Franken could win the recount in the Minnesota Senate race.... But odd things have been happening. On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal noted that Mr. Coleman’s lead has been mysteriously shrinking, even before the recount begins. Election officials in various jurisdictions, mainly liberal, have been discovering “lost” ballots or “miscommunicated” results.
Well, that sounds bad. How about a f'rinstance?
It doesn’t look bright: one very Democratic area has discovered that its ballot-counting machines registered overwhelming support for Barack Obama but somehow didn’t tally any votes in the Senate race. Hmmm. Guess who those will turn out to favour.
Well, you don't have to be very smart to recognize that a district that has any appreciable number of voters, but where zero votes are cast for the U.S. Senate, odds are that you have a bona fide undercount. You don't have to be very smart to realize that in a district that has overwhelming support for Obama is likely to have at least majority support for Franken. And you don't have to be very honest to acknowledge that there's basis for alleging "conspiracy" in the counting of votes that were actually cast but inadvertently omitted from the first vote count.

So, what's the National Post's excuse, other than perhaps a desire to join the WSJ in a "race to the bottom" for editorial page partisan hackery? (And why aren't they obsessing over the vote count in a Canadian riding somewhere? Surely there's a fake scandal they can gussie up somewhere in Canada....)
The result is critical because the Democrats are three seats away from absolute control of the Senate, and two other states - Georgia and Alaska - also remain unsettled. If the Democrats somehow take all three, Republicans might as well spend the next four years on the beach.
For all the National Post's whinging about the possibility of the Democrats having a sixty vote majority in the Senate, I doubt that they would be expressing equal concern over a Conservative majority government in Canada's Parliament. But they should relax. It's extremely unlikely that the Democrats will win all three seats and, even if they do, Lieberman has all-but-promised to join Republican filibusters, so on many important issues they would still really be a seat short.

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