Thursday, November 06, 2008

It Was Only Eight Years Ago....

That, as G.W. Bush became President Elect of the United States, I commented that he was inheriting a gloomy financial picture and that I didn't envy anybody who was taking over as President, and wondered if either candidate could have looked forward to more than a single term presidency. And from day one until the day history took over, G.W. seemed intent to prove me right.

Looking back, it's amazing how good things were - exceptionally good - as contrasted with the gaping chasm left for Obama by the Bush Administration. Is there anything Bush touched that didn't turn to, um, lead?

Put the audacity on hold - it is time to hope, but perhaps more modestly, that we've reached a point where there's nowhere to go but up. I don't actually believe that - things could get much worse - so I guess that's where the hope comes in.

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