Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thinking Like A Lawyer, Take 568

Ann Althouse demonstrates how to deal with adverse arguments:
What a jerk you are insulting me when you're entirely missing my sarcasm! I'm characterizing the idiocy of the plaintiffs' lawyer. Get a clue.

* * *

You are an idiot too. Did I say Katie Couric should sue Dan Rather? Did I say that what the AutoAdmit kids wrote about the plaintiffs was just swell? Learn to read, loser.
I can't wait to incorporate these sophisticated rhetorical techniques into my next legal brief or oral argument. Application of the "learn to read, loser" technique should make my motions for reconsideration considerably shorter.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I used to use some techniques not far removed from Prof. Althouse's when playing in online forums. But I moved away from that approach during law school. I guess I'll never learn.


  1. Like many professors, she doesn't seem to know quite what to do when her audience is not fearful than disagreement will result in a lowered grade.


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