Friday, June 29, 2007

Feedback Form Link Spam

This was a "cut and paste" job, into the customer inquiry form for my website. What a lovely inquiry, right down to the formatting problems....
Searching the internet for sites about birth injuries, I came across your resource. Your site is impressive and I write to suggest a site to add to your resources. That site is â Birth Injury,â and its URL is

As you probably well know, one of the best ways of raising Google ratings and being found by search engines is to share links with sites that have similar interests and concerns. Please consider adding our link to your page in a resource section, which would be beneficial to your readers. This would help your readers to learn more about the causes of birth injuries and what they can do to prevent it from happening or seek compensation when it has.

We at the Consumer Justice Group ( are dedicated to raising public awareness about birth injuries nation-wide. CJG offers an abundance of information for consumers on matters from birth injuries to stock fraud.

For your convenience, I have formatted the link so you may copy and paste it onto your page:
< a href=ââ >Birth Injury< /a > Newsletter< br>
Read the articles in our Birth Injury Newsletter to find out more about fighting and preventing birth injuries.

If you would like us to add a link to your website in return, we would be happy to do so.


Cassie R------
Community Builder
I love the personalization - "your resource", "your site". The rough translation of this message is, "You have a good site. If you link to us it will help us rank better in Google. If you ask, we'll consider linking to you." They don't overtly state, "We'll only link to you if you have already linked to us," but what are the odds of anything else? (Am I too cynical in my old age?)

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  1. ... sorry about that -_- I was young (okay, only a year ago) stupid, and getting a pay check where I pretty much sent out those letters 8 hours a day. "Can I do something else now?" "No. Get linkbacks." The things we do to pay the bills -_-

    Could you please remove my name from it though? I'm kind of ashamed of that job now. It was a screw over in many ways, though at least my coworkers were nice.


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