Thursday, June 28, 2007

Somebody Will Probably Fall For This, But....

I just received by email a fake invoice claiming that I owe thousands of dollars for some nebulously itemized business services. The bill was carefully personalized - or maybe not. "Dear mister Green/Grin," I think It was meant for this guy.

The bill is from:
XYZ Consulting Corporation
12345 This Street
Anytown, CA 00000
Tel: (310) 555-1213 Fax: (310) 555-2121
You would think they would at least update the template they use to create the fake bills....

As apparently they see no profit in having you dial a fake "555" number from their supposed corporate headquarters, I was instructed,
Please feel free to contact our Customer Support representatives in case of any problems via the phone number 8 - 800 195 200 100
I believe that would connect me to a company in Russia.

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