Monday, June 18, 2007

See It All In Person

In my prior comment about Vince McMahon's lame publicity stunt, I was scolded in a semi-literate manner,
Aaron you should be ashamed of yourself for talking like that, wether or not it is a stunt is not the issue, what is, is the way that you clearly come out and dissrespect him.
Well, it was actually an opportunity to make a couple of dubious puns, and there's no shame in that... is there? But you're quite correct that I have no respect for Vince McMahon. So sorry.

I am also provided with some context:
I'm also guessing that he didn't know that past "angles" have involved Satanism, necrophilia, rape, and kidnapping . . . so this is actually pretty tame stuff . . .
So... we can expect to learn that after being killed in a car explosion, McMahon was kidnapped by devil-worshippers for the type of satanic activity best confined to South Park movies? Fascinating.

Prove your fandom - pay $10,000 or more to win the opportunity to fly on the WWE jet, attend WrestleMania 24, and perhaps see a bunch of drug-crazed satanists "body-slam" Vince McMahon's kidnapped corpse, while supporting a charitable cause. If you think this costs too much, you're obviously not really a fan. (Act soon - the auction closes at 6:00 PM EST.)

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