Monday, April 17, 2006

"Nobody In The Nation Can Drive"

I've come to the conclusion that our nation is full of bad and inconsiderate drivers - it's just that you get used to the local version of inconderate, incompetent driving, such that it seems worse when you travel to other parts of the country.


  1. Given that our nation is increasingly filled with “bad and inconsiderate” people, why would you be surprised that they behave the same way behind the wheel that they do everywhere else?

    Although to be fair, I still think the “bad” apples are outnumbered by the good, it’s just that we tend to notice the irritating ones so much more.


  2. I classify my encounter with Bad drivers into categories:

    1. Illegal immigrants- they actually drive well. They stay below the speed limit and take no chances. But on the highway its frustrating to get behind them at 50 mph when the speed limt is 55 + 5.

    2. Elderly - Local driving is always impacted by the overly cautious. It's always interesting at night when anelderly driver is driving without headlights and doesn't notice.

    3. Mothers w/ infants- Truly the bane of all driving hazards. They drive slow not out of caution, but because they feel the need to maintain eye contact with the infant in the backseat.

    4. Left lane only drivers - Why do people think its safer to drive slowly in the left lane and be passed on the right is beyond me. Or worse why a driver moves to the left lane only to go as fast as the car in the right lane.

  3. "...why would you be surprised that they behave the same way behind the wheel that they do everywhere else?"

    The thing is, the manner of bad driving seems to vary depending upon where you are. When we were in Florida, there were more slow drivers and people intentionally blocking the fast lane, as well as more daredevil lead-footed types who swerve between lanes. In Colorado there were a lot more drivers with vehicle defects (particularly tail lights and brake lights), people who cruised well below the speed limit in the fast lane, rubber-neckers at accident scenes, people who would suddenly brake without regard for the traffic behind them, and a surprisingly high number of drivers whose swerving suggested inebriation.... In Michigan, there seem to be more people who put their cellular phone conversations ahead of even their own safety, more people who try to pass merging traffic and force their way in at a traffic pinch point, more tailgaters, more drivers who take a late yellow light as an impetus to accelerate....

    It takes a while to get used to your "local" bad driving, so drivers (at least to me) seem worse when you are traveling. But you're right - there are inconsiderate people everywhere.


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