Friday, April 07, 2006

... By The Skin Of Their Teeth

Had the U.S. Attorney's Office not backed off, this could have given a whole new meaning to "grilling" a suspect.
According to court documents and attorneys ... [the defendants] were told the government had a warrant to seize the grills from their mouths and that they were being taken to a dentist in Seattle for removal. ...

Grills, made popular by rappers such as Nelly, are customized teeth caps that are typically made of precious metals and jewels. The cost for a full set can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Some styles of grills can be snapped onto the teeth somewhat like an orthodontic retainer, while others are permanently bonded to the teeth. ...

Federal prosecutors, who presented the seizure warrant to a U.S. District Court judge on March 29, said they did not know that the grills were permanently bonded to the defendants' teeth.

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  1. It definitely gives a new meaning to "getting all up in his grill".


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