Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sara Palin, (Still) Dangerously Ignorant

Sara Palin is throwing another "You show me yours, I won't show you mine"1 tantrum, this time about the White House's refusal to distribute war porn: "Palin claims the pictures should be released "as warning to others seeking America's destruction"...."

Were Palin interested, she would quickly learn that the sight of people - including children and civilians - killed by U.S. (and Israeli) forces are widely distributed in the Arab world, and that the reaction is generally not favorable to us. It also might have occurred to her, were she a bit more thoughtful, that suicide terrorists aren't particularly intimidated by the notion that if they survive they might be hunted down and killed.

Perhaps she's turning into Ann Coulter - say something outrageous, even if it makes you look like an ignorant simpleton, as long as it gets you into the press? On the other hand, perhaps she's a personification of "Act Naturally."
1. Is there a record of significance from Palin's entire life, including her partial term as governor, that she has not at least tried to conceal from the public?

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