Saturday, May 21, 2011

Newt Gingrich's Crash and Burn

It's been interesting to me watching Newt Gingrich crash and burn over statements that would have been deemed quite reasonable, even in Republican circles, during his last period of prominence. He has done himself no favors by flip-flopping on his statement, attempting to deny the meaning of his words, having his spokesperson issue a statement that reads more like bad parody, and announcing that anybody who quotes his actual statements in context is a liar.

The thing is, if the media focused on what Gingrich actually said - if they examined his actual remarks and their significance in the healthcare debate - his comments were perfectly reasonable and appropriate. But instead, the media coverage has been "all horse race", and has been more than happy to giggle as the Republican Party eats its own.... And yes, the front and foremost popcorn munchers have been the same right-wing media figures who, up to the point Gingrich said something true, were hyping Gingrich as one of the smartest men in the world and the intellectual leader of the Republican Party.

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