Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama's 50 State Strategy

Obama is planning to campaign in all fifty states. With the shake-up we're seeing of the electoral map, that's sensible in a number of ways.

But whatever the ultimate electoral vote, I hope that it results in a significant win in the popular vote for Obama. That is, if he inspires voters to come out in "red states" that still end up going for McCain, and McCain pulls off a win, I hope that we see an overall 60+% of the vote going to Obama. That's not because I'm trying to have the electoral college eliminated. It's because, win or lose, a significant lead in the popular vote could put a permanent end to the tired line that this nation "isn't ready for a black President".


  1. Another take on the fifty state strategy - Perhaps it's that even in states where Obama doesn't expect to win, he still wants to help other Democrats.


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