Friday, June 27, 2008

Enough Of The Earth-Shattering Observations

You know, I don't mind that you disagree with some of Obama's positions, but I don't need to be told that Barak Obama is a politician who is "doing what he needs to do to get elected." That's a given.

You know what would be more helpful, at least from my perspective? Commentary about when Obama is not "doing what he needs to do to get elected." Because, you know, he's gearing up for an election. And it's safe to say that he's trying to win it.


Some examples from both sides of the political spectrum:

Charles Krauthammer demonstrates amazing insight by telling us, "The truth about Obama is uncomplicated. He is just a politician (though of unusual skill and ambition)."

Over at TalkLeft, champion of Hillary Clinton, we get the astonishing commentary, "Barack Obama is a conventional politician who will run a conventional general election campaign.... Pols are pols and do what they do".

Thanks for, um, sharing.

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