Monday, August 07, 2006

Lebanon's Army To Control The Southern Border Region?

I may be a proverbial monkey hammering away at the keys, trying to produce Shakespeare, but apparently I actually anticipated what is now being proposed as a (partial) solution to the Israel-Lebanon war:
The Lebanese army called up 5,000 reservists last night to prepare for deployment along the border to try to speed up the departure of Israeli forces, the main hurdle to the United Nations security council adopting a ceasefire resolution.

The Lebanese army will only be deployed when Israel and Hizbullah agree to end hostilities.

The army, regarded as neutral by Israel, has not been involved in the present conflict. Its deployment would mark a significant change in the balance of power within the country: for more than 20 years southern Lebanon has been a virtual no-go area for the Lebanese army.
And so the poor Lebanese Army appears destined to go where any international military force would fear to tread....


  1. "The Lebanese army will only be deployed when Israel and Hizbullah agree to end hostilities."

    . . . and once they get there they will serve no purpose other than to inflate the numbers of "collateral losses" inflicted by Israel when the fighting resumes. Deploying the army means nothing when they are still refusing to attempt to disarm or control Hezbullah. CWD

  2. True; but also relevant to the point, asking the Lebanese military to disarm Hezbollah means nothing, given that to this point they have been too weak to stand toe-to-toe with Hezbollah, and have not even tried to venture into Hezbollah-controlled regions of the country.


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