Friday, August 18, 2006

The Unhappy Client.... Ouch?

Over at
Lavender12 - In August of 2003 I hired an attorney along with his partner as co-counsel for my son who was facing a three strikes count. For the next two years the case was continually postponed, and the lead counsel refused calls from myself and my son. The co-counsel disappeared after payment and have not heard from him to this day. Of course my son was found quilty, the lead counsel was not prepared, and said so. If any one has had this same problem, please advise, I have been to the State Bar, and they say this is a case of payment dispute? What dispute, they took my money and did nothing! Remember this name, [Law Firm]. Learn from my mistake.

[Law Firm] - Your son was convicted after a jury trial. You cannot possibly believe that we took your money and never showed up to court. That is a flat out lie. Furthermore the State Bar has already ruled in my favor and you should move on with your life. Stop this nonsense or I will sue you for making these defamatory remarks. Your son has already caused you and society enough grief. Move on.
I think this is a reminder that email and even moreso forum posts are not the same as conversation - there's a written record which may be public. I suspect that had this law firm been writing a letter to the client, they would have been more circumspect in their comments.

I know I've been intemperate at times in an online context, and for that matter still am, so I'm not judging. But when things like this appear in Google for your law firm name, even where people accept that the allegations are entirely untrue, it can affect whether a potential client will contact your firm.


  1. Hey, I've been intemperate and I'll still judge. Responding to a post by somebody who claims they are an aggrieved client by saying the client was really guilty anyway and if they don't shut up, you'll sue, doesn't exactly say, "Here is a thoughful, skilled attorney who responds to criticism by showing us that criticism is unfair and unwarranted."

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